The Importance of Known Connections and References in Real Estate in Gurgaon

Trust, reliability and transparency are the holy trifecta of qualities required by professionals the world over to succeed in any position over a period of time whilst maintaining peace of mind alongside.

Real estate in the past has been marred and scar-faced by the exact opposites of those qualities due to the wrong-doings of some which have left a bad name on the industry in Gurgaon and other parts of the city. Much is changing though on the ground with demonetisation already bringing in an equal opportunity market on the ground for real estate players as well ushering in the age of full cheque transactions only. GST on the macro picture is another step in streamlining things and RERA which is pretty much shortly on the cards the way forward to a more mature and transparent market.

Increasingly, over the last couple of years, we've seen developers hiring more professionals in order to correctly connect with more astute and professional buyers in the market.

In the secondary market, one cannot underestimate the value or the power of known connections and references when dealing with parties. In such cases there's an underlying comfort level to the deal and relatively fewer hurdles along the way generally.

Someone once said to me there are three areas in life where one has to be particularly careful health, CA's and property.

In our business word of mouth and references has been an organic avenue of leads for us. Clients at the well known and premium end complexes in the city with the likes of Magnolias, World Spa and Laburnum having adopted this route for concluding property deals successfully. The ambit actually extends to all complexes and even across the office leasing segment. I firmly believe good property and good people go hand in hand..





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