17th February 2017 - How Residential complex clubhouses in Gurgaon have evolved from being scattered facilities to integrated social hubs

In earlier days, premium end residential developments in Gurgaon had a few scattered facilities on offer. Take the case of Laburnum, which was the pinnacle of facilities as far as luxury end clubhouse facilities go with a small gym, two tennis courts, swimming pool and small coffee shop.

Next in line in terms of clubhouse upgrades for premium end residential developments came ‘The World Spa'. World Spa West and East each have their own clubhouses with residents being able to use facilities on either side. Across both sides there's a modern gym, squash court, badminton court, indoor lap pools, small swimming pools, cards and billiards rooms and tennis courts. Moreover world spa is an upgrade in terms of club facilities on unitech's somewhat lower spectrum project uniworld city and its clubhouse.

Other complexes which have good clubhouse facilities in the premium end segment include Palm Springs and Belaire on the Golf Course Road and Ireo Grand Arch on the Golf Course Extension Road. USP of Palm Springs would have to be the bowling alley, restaurant and swimming pool, for Belaire the pool again is good and in the case of Grand Arch it would be the gym looking into the pool as also a nice restaurant.

In the super premium end segment DLF got the ball rolling with Aralias in terms of superior infrastructure and service in clubhouses. They took their game notches higher and at present the best at the Magnolias. Magnolias has a rough clubhouse size of 50,000 – 60,000 sq. ft. with a fine dining restaurant, café, sports bar, mini home theatre, saloon and spa, modern gym, squash courts, tennis courts, Olympic length swimming pool and a heated pool and also part of the main swimming pool is an area for barbeque and some F&B.

DLF attempts to raise the bar in its upcoming super luxury golf course facing Camellias project with facilities like magnolias has plus a restaurant that looks into a lake, a racquet club, bowling alley etc. with superior landscaping that will adorn the facilities something for which I have heard they're spending a lot..

Clubhouses from being simple facilities have become hubs of social interaction as also a place for professional meetings, and also talks and events.

Interesting to see where premium end complexes go from here as there'd been a stagnation in terms of ideas for clubhouses in the premium end category. But things should evolve as technology, materials and standards evolve with time..





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