19th January 2017 - Magnolias, Aralias, Camellias - a comparative anlaysis of the tri super premium, golf course facing residential developments in DLF Golf Links, Gurgaon

Let's assess them all one by one :

We start with Aralias the first of the complexes in the community. With approximately 250 apartments and a flat size of 5800 sq. ft., Aralias looks into the old Arnold Palmer 9 hole golf course. Land size should be around 13 acres. Occupancy is roughly around 90%.

Specs (in terms of internal lobbies and clubhouse finishing) at aralias are now a little dated compared to magnolias and what will be coming up in Camellias. This U-shaped complex is the smallest amongst the trio and some would say lend it that private nature.

Sale prices are around 13 Cr. and rentals at an average of 2.5 lac + maintenance. Good club facilities at Aralias including a restaurant, tennis courts, etc.

Next, we consider Magnolias. With approximately 600 apartments and apartment sizes of 6400 sq. ft., Magnolias is the largest in terms of land parcel as well at 27 acres. Magnolias looks into the new Gary Player 9 hole golf course. Occupancy should now be about 75%.

Magnolias boasts the highest end till date in terms of lifestyle facilities like a modern clubhouse with fine dining restaurant, café, sports bar, saloon, gym, and tennis courts. Magnolias has won many accolades and awards as a residential development in DLF Golf Links, Gurgaon and is the number one in Gurgaon at the moment.

Sale prices for a done up flat on an average are at 16.5 Cr. whilst rentals are at 3.25 lac per month + maintenance on an average currently.

Finally we come to Camellias. DLF aims to go a couple of steps higher in terms of facilities and landscaping with Camellias. It is slated for a 2018 first quarter hand over to residents though bear in mind residents should take atleast 9 months 18 months to finish their apartments after (like in Aralias and Magnolias flats will be handed over in bare shell form). Camellias also looks into the new 9 hole Gary Player course but from the other side of Magnolias. DLF does maintain that a couple of prototype options for finishing would be provided to owners should they wish to purchase these rather than do the flats on the their own.

Land acreage wise Camellias is about 18 acres though one would have to say as a neutral observer that the flats appear to be clustered together.

The positives for Camellias include a central lake feature that is looked upon from the clubhouse. Improved facilities are going to be provided, including a racquet club and a clubhouse over 3 levels. Also, at Camellias it'll be one apartment per tower.

A good location classic residence apartment works to around 26 Cr. inclusive of PLC. Sized at 7400 sq. ft. Note there are also 9500 sq. ft. sizes and two blocks of 11,000 sq. ft. sizes which I believe are virtually sold out. Camellias units sold should be around 250 out of 424 currently.

Now, my investment advice for prospective buyers. If one is looking for the largest complex in terms of space look no farther than Magnolias with a land parcel of 27 acres and high end facilities and complex crowd. If you're looking for the best in terms of facilities, Camellias is an option but with a medium to long term perspective. Magnolias also is a medium term investment but is also a ready development to move into. Tough to say at this stage how much DLF will raise the bar with Camellias. Time will tell..





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