Co-working spaces in Gurgaon – A Brief

Co-working spaces in Gurgaon are a buzzword as far as ready to move, plug and play serviced offices in Gurgaon go thesedays. The concept has caught on particularly with startups and small and medium IT companies in Gurgaon.

These are shared spaces taken up by occupiers with the regular facilities offered by a business centre along with the added benefits of the ability to network, share and collaborate with other occupiers.

Particularly in India the concept of shared spaces has the notion of ‘budget offices' or ‘relatively cheaper plug and play space'. Whilst this is true the other advantages mentioned above are being considered by domestic and multinational companies alike.

Co-working spaces have now proliferated the market in Gurgaon with numerous options available with the likes of Skootr, Spaces, Smartworks being just some of the players.

I'd still maintain that beyond 10 workstations it makes more economical, strategic and practical sense to operate within one's own furnished space. The nature of business of occupiers is also of primary essence when occupiers consider a move to a co-working space.

Moving away from Gurgaon, co-working spaces have also hit off in other cities of the country with Bengaluru being noted for high prominence on that score card.

Rentals in Gurgaon vary between 15,000 – 18,000 per workstation on an average in Gurgaon (note - for co-working spaces not cabined spaces which can be even higher depending on sub-market they're located in). Sustainability is one aspect which I'd mark out as of prime concern for co-working spaces. Some are funded whilst others are not. Time will tell as to the performance of them in the long run, occupancy wise most are said to be above 70%.




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